Gynecologists from Ethiopia visiting Wolfsburg and Berlin clinics in July 2019 

Establish a colposcopy clinic at OBGYN department, University of Gondar GIZ funded project (ZV 81224625) from 10 Apr 2018- 31 Okt 2021

As part of the GIZ-funded project (ZV 81224625) to establish a colposcopy unit at the OBGYN department, University of Gondar, Ethiopia, Dr Robel, stayed for 4 weeks in Wolfsburg with Prof Petry and his team, to extend his knowledge and skills in colposcopy and modern techniques to treat precancerous and early cancer lesions of the cervix. At the same time Dr Zelalem’ s colleague Dr Chernet received similar training at the MVK Fürstenfeld  with Prof A. Schneider.

Mentoring visits by German gynecologists

Between April 2019 and February 2020 4 gynecologists from Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf visited the OBGYN department to mentor the Ethiopian colleagues in colposcopy and LEEP.

Janina Betzler 27Apr-4Mai2019

Elisabeth Maier visit 21-30Sept2019

Franca Christina Martignoni Bericht 13-20 November 2019

Monika Hampl 2-10 Feb 2020

Portable colposcopy training in Health Centers funded

VIA-enhanced digital imaging of the cervix (VIA-DC) and thermocoagulation Training nurses in 3 health centers in Gondar 01.02.2022 bis zum 31.01.2024 verlangert bis Jul2024. 

A colposcopy follow up project was awarded by the clinic partnership program to train nurses in 3 Gondar health centers in VIA-enhanced digital imaging of the cervix (VIA-DC) and thermocoagulation. As part of the project Dr Dawit Kassahun Mekonen  attended the dysplasia clinic of Prof Hampl in Cologne from 19 Nov -16 Dec 2022. A second Ethiopian gynecologist, Maseresha Dagnu Dejen, unfortunately, was refused a visum by the German embassy in Addis Adeba.

Participation at 1st International conference of Hospital Partnerships, Berlin on 14-15 October 2022

We participated with a poster and co-author of publication in the first 1st International conference of Hospital Partnerships, Berlin on 14-15 October 2022. Again, the German embassy in Addis Adeba denied a visum to our Ethiopian partner.

Neues project: HPV self sampling project in Amhara region of Ethiopia funded.

Kickoff meeting 8 March 2021

The ETiCCS initiative successfully applied for funding from the  BMZ programme which aims to foster the involvement of the private sector in areas where business opportunities and development policy initiatives overlap. With support from Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (“Roche”), we will screen 3200 women at their homes using HPV selfsampling and follow up HPV infected women with, digitally enhanced VIA and the molecular biomarker dual stain cytology. The kick-off meeting of the project ‘Strategies to triage HPV-positive women. A community-wide, HPV-based cervical cancer screening approach in rural Ethiopia assisted by digital information technology’ took place virtually on 8 March 2021 in the presence of GIZ, Roche and the implementation partners in Gondar.

GIZ 01.10.2020 bis zum 31.10.2021 (Förderzeitraum) extended to 21.06.2022  ZV 81262346

Roche Feb2021-Dec 2023 signed 21 Oct 2021

Implementation and training workshop in Gondar, Ethiopia (24-30 Apr 2022)

Between 25-30 April 18 data collectors were trained in Gondar. The training included skills training in the  promotion of selfsampling using the Evalyn brush and the use of the ETiCCS app on tablet PCs as well training in cervical cancer awareness, protocol, research ethics and the implementation details of the household survey.

Visit of EPHI laboratory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (25 Apr 2022)

During a site visit at Ethiopian National HIV/AIDS Laboratory at the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute in Addis Abeba the opportunity of HPV DNA analysis using the cobas 4800 technology was explored and a workplan was developed.

Community data collection completed in Gondar Ethiopia (31 Jul 2022)

3200 women aged 30 to 64 years were successfully invited in their homes to participate in HPV selfsampling cervical cancer screening campaign. Samples will be analysed at the EPHI laboratory in Addis  using the cobas 4800 platform. HPV positive women will be invited for triage testing at their local clinic in Gondar.

Exisiting news, but new images: Doctoral degree awarded from University of Antwerp 21 Nov 2019

On Thursday 21 November 2019 Orang’o Elkanah Omenge, head of the Department of Reproductive Health, School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya, defended his doctoral thesis Novel Technologies in Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment. Going Beyond VIA and Cryotherapy in Kenya before the  Doctoral committee 

(P. Van Dam and  V. Verhoeven from the Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences of the University of Antwerp, and the External members of the doctoral jury

Prof H. Botha, Executive Head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology,

Stellenbosch University, South Africa and Prof A. Kaufmann, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany.

Dr Omenge’s thesis was promoted by Professor Dr. JP Bogers, University of Antwerp, and Co-Promotor Professor Dr. M. von Knebel Doeberitz, Heidelberg

Cambodia project funded by KfW (Dec 2021)

Site exploration visit to Cambodia (5-15 March 2022)

In December 2021 the University Hospital Heidelberg entered a research cooperation with the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, Frankfurt, entitled Effectiveness analysis and economic evaluation of a modified program for cervical cancer screening in Cambodia assisted by a cloud-based digital system as a German contribution to the Cambodia Health Equity and Quality Improvement Program (H-EQIP) co-financed by the KFW.

A first site exploration visit took place amidst the CoVID -19 pandemic between 5-15 March 2022 led by our partners (Dr Hero Kol, Dr Sathiarany Vong) at the Department of Preventive Medicine (DPM), Ministry of Health, Cambodia.

During the visit we met with key government and regional stakeholders and visited the two proposed study hospitals, Siem Reap Provincial Hospital and Soth Nikum District Hospital. We also visited several laboratories in Phnom Penh to explore potential collaborators to perform our laboratory analyses including the Institut Pasteur de Cambodge.

The visit paved the ground to prepare the study implementation, i.e to complete the study protocol, order the necessary equipment, adjust the digital data management system and finalize the laboratory supply and support.

Training visit to Cambodia (30 November to 9 December 2022)

Between 30 November and 9 December 2022 a skills/training workshop took place at the Siem Reap Provincial Hospital, led by Dr A Denecke, gynaecologist at the Hannover Medical School. The workshop was attended by the gynaecologists and midwives from the Siem Reap Provincial Hospital and the study physicians and midwives of the Soth Nikum District Hospital. The workshop provided successful refresher training in colposcopy and VIA through theoretical training and practical mentoring sessions. Two German medical students also attended the workshop in preparation of their doctoral thesis within the cervical cancer screening project.

Implementation visit to Cambodia (20 Febr-3 Mar 2023)

The study PIs Dr Sathia and Dr Bussmann conducted the study implementation workshop jointly with Prof M Hampl, gynaecologist, St.Elisabeth-Krankenhaus, Köln Hohenlind. On 20 February 2023 the Undersecretary of State officially launched the project with a cervical cancer awareness presentation to the large audience of 176 participants who will be part of the recruitment, enrollment and study conduct. Also present were the study PI Dr Hero Kol, the OD  and hospital directors.

During the following 2 weeks the Village Health Support Groups and health centers were trained in recruitment of eligible women to the study, and the hospital and health center teams (gynaecologist and midwives) received a comprehensive study training including protocol and SOP training, research ethics, skills training (e.g. cervicography, LEEP, biopsy, self-sample collection) and sample storage and transport. 

At the end of the workshop all necessary steps for enrollment of study participants were completed.

26 Oct 2023 Enrollment completed

Study participant enrolment of 2500 screening-naïve women completed in the two study hospitals,Siem Reap Provincial Hospital and Soth Nikum District Hospital: DATE

The 7500th women was enrolled in the HPV self-sampling arm of the study in 6 health centers: DATE 

Nov 21-22, 2019. 7th WAKA symposium

On the 7th WAKA symposium at Antwerp university three PhD candidates from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Burundi and Kenya successfully defended their thesis.  Dr Omenge Orang’o from Moi university, Eldoret, Kenya, a founding member of ETiCCS, defended his thesis ‘Novel technologies in cervicasl cancer screeing and treatment. Going beyond VIA and crotherapy in Kenya’

The workshop also reviewed the past activities of the  European-African academic collaborations in Sub-Saharan Africa on Cervical Cancer Control (CDE-GKC-Aud) and discussed and brainstormed on the way forward. Participants engaged in an inspiring and creative talk.

Dr.O.Orang’o PhD graduation
Jury and promotors at Dr.O.Orang’o’s PhD thesis defense at Antwerp University

Oct 28,2019. Geneva health forum workshop at World Health summit

During the World Health Summit, Oct 27-29, 2019 in Berlin the Geneva Health Forum and the Charité Hospital, Berlin, launched an initiative  to develop large-scale training for health care provider and program managers in low- and middle-income countries to establish sustainable and effective cervical cancer screening which is reaching all women in need. The first meeting brought together experts from various academic institutions, development organisations, NGOs and hospitals from Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Canada, and Mali. A follow-up meeting is planned for May2020. An inventory of existing training programs and a gap analysis will be prepared.

Sept 1-3, 2019. Workshop on cancer: Research Cooperation between UNAM, MoHSS and DKFZ

Between Sept 1-3, 2019 a delegation from German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), headed by Prof M. Baumann attended Namibia’s 1st international workshop on cancer where German and Namibian high-level participants presented their respective interests and activities in promoting cancer research in Namibia. In break-away sessions opportunities for collaboration in diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy, telemedicine and cervical cancer screening were discussed. Interested participants also had the opportunity for a career talk with head of the DKFZ post-Doc program.

The workshop also witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Namibia (UNAM), the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) and the DKFZ. The German delegation also visited the Katutura Hospital, the Windhoek Central Hospital and  the Namibian Oncology Centre (NOC), a state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility in Windhoek.

DKFZ group lead by Prof M.Baumann in front of Namibia Oncology Center
Signing of MoU between Minister of Health Dr K Shangula, Executive Director MoHSS Mr B. Nangobe, UNAM Vice Chancellor Prof K. Matengu and Prof(s) M. Baumann and J. Puchta (DKFZ).
workshop participants on School of Medicine campus

May 19, 2019. 4th Geneva Round Table ‘Cervical Cancer: An NCD We Can Overcome’

Policy makers and implementers met at the RT meeting in Geneva to move forward the efforts to globally eliminate cervical cancer. Dr Princess Nono Simelela, Assistant Director-General for Family, Women’s and Children’s Health at WHO, Professor Brendon Murphy, National Cervical Screening Program, Australia, and  Dr Sharon Kapambwe, Ministry of Health, Zambia, gave key note addresses about the efforts in their organisations regarding cervical cancer prevention. Also international organisations including Pathfinders, CHAI, PSI, FIGO, USAID, Global fund, UNITAID reported on their ongoing activities.

Prof Petignat moderating the discussion how civic societies can contribute to reach the vision of a cevcical cancer-free generation
Dr Princess Simelola updating on the WHO’s efforts to unite all in the movement to eliminate cervical cancer

April 7-10, 2019 Preparatory meetings on Cancer Cooperation between UNAM and DKFZ

H. Bussmann visited the MoHSS and the UNAM in order to prepare the Research Cooperation between UNAM, MoHSS and DKFZ. He met the honorable minister of Health Dr K. Shangula, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr Peter Nyarango, as well as academics from the School of Nursing and School of Public Health (Prof Kofi Nyanfco). He also paid a visit to the Family Health Division meeting Programm Manager NCDs, Mrs C.Buys and to the Cancer Association of Namibia where he was welcomed by Rolf Hansen. Other activities included a visit of  the Katutura hospital with a meeting of Dr Flynn at Radiology department, a visit of the Windhoek Central hospital. and the Katutura health post,

Prof Azu, Dr(s) Bussmann and Flynn at Katutura Hospital, Windhoek
At Family Health Division, MoHSS, Windhoek

Apr 1-5, 2019 Mentoring visit at OBGYN department, University of Gondar.

Dr A. Denecke from Women’s Hospital, Wolfsburg, spent one week in Gondar to provide hands-on training for the gynecologists in sub-specialty oncology training. Besides sharing of experiences and honing screening skills the visit also served to maintain and upgrade colposcopic equipment. So, the light system of the existing colposcope was replaced, a camera system allowing linkage to an external monitor was installed, and mobileODT’s EVA system was introduced as a potential tool for use in VIA clinics. The colpocopy unit also received a new gynecological chair with adaptable back and leg rests which will provide basic comfort in examination both for patients and gynecologist. The chair was donated by the ZONTA Club Heidelberg.


Dr(s) Chernet, Denecke and Zelalem (RTL) at OBGYN department, University of Gondar
Dr(s) Dawit and Zelalem with mentor Dr Denecke at colposcopy unit, OBGYN, University of Gondar
Smartphone adapter for colposcope developed and donated by Prof Lellé, Münster
Gynecology chair donated by ZONTA Club Heidelberg

Dec 16-18, 2018. Transferring the Community App to Heidelberg

Timoté Vaucher, Master student at the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) was the key developer of our digital app for the community cervical cancer screening project. He visited the ATB department in Heidelberg and prepared the transition of the program to the Heidelberg university server.

T.Vaucher at Applied Tumor Biology Department, Heidelberg University Hospital

Nov 26-30 2018. Prof Azu from University of Namibia visits DKFZ, Heidelberg

To prepare a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the University of Namibia and the German Cancer Research Center Prof Azu visited Heidelberg and met with key research program teams at the German cancer Research and spent 2 days at the Clinical Cooperation Unit Applied Tumor Biology.

Prof Azu in front of ATB, Heidelberg
Dr S. Kalteis demonstrating p16/Ki-67 dual staining